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Danielle Hunt is severely spanked, paddled and caned for breaking school rules

When you are lazy, insolent and break the rules there can be only one penalty at this school, a trip to see your Housemaster. His decision has an immediate effect on Danielle’s ability to sit comfortably for severely days after the meeting!

Danielle Hunt is severely spanked, paddled and caned for breaking school […]

Danielle discipline US-style

Post-graduate Danielle has upset her doctorate tutor by her indolence and insolence and so he has decided that what was good for his US sophomore students will be just as effective for teaching this English student to work harder and argue less!

Danielle Hunt gets her ass well paddled with a genuine US university sorority […]

A slappy birthday present spanking

What can you give to the husband that has everything? In this true-life film, this young lady, a spanking virgin, asked her husband what he would like most and he said that he would like to have a DVD of her being spanked, paddled and caned on her bare bottom by a professional spanker!


Kali Redmond’s new party dress paddling

When Kali Redmond returns home she is full of joy at buying what she thinks is a bargain of a new party dress.

She shows it off to her husband but has to admit she has paid for it with the money he gave her to the pay household bills.

She gets a […]

Lazy schoolgirl Masie Dee meets the school Truant Officer

When you play truant from school you should expect to get caught. Lazy masie Dee thinks that this will not apply to her.

A visit by the school’s Truant Officer and the application of his hard hand and leather paddle to her bare bottom soon dispel her of this misconception.

A hard schoolgirl spanking and […]

Late up for a meeting does not means Sandy misses her punishment

Sandy sleeps in and is late for an important job interview.

This is the final straw for this layabout young lady and she now finds herself bent over for a dose of the slipper over her pyjamas and then on her bare bottom.

Sandy is then made to change for the meeting before getting […]

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