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Game of Thrones star Masie Dee back on SoundPunishment.com

We had a great shoot recently with Masie Dee, the young actress who played the slave girl on HBO’s epic Game of Thrones series who was beaten on the teenage King Joffrey’s orders.

Well it appears that the training Masie got from us before the shoot held her in good stead and she has now […]

Masie Dee suffers his ruler on her bare bottom

Masie Dee is a very good saleswoman but her attitude and sexy dress code leave her MD unimpressed. He decides to take this young lady in hand and delivers some ‘fatherly’ advice with her over his knees for a bare bottom spanking and a dose of his 12″ rule!

A very sore bottom for […]

Lazy schoolgirl Masie Dee meets the school Truant Officer

When you play truant from school you should expect to get caught. Lazy masie Dee thinks that this will not apply to her.

A visit by the school’s Truant Officer and the application of his hard hand and leather paddle to her bare bottom soon dispel her of this misconception.

A hard schoolgirl spanking and […]

A spanking for watching spanking films for Masie Dee

18 year old Masie Dee is a naughty schoolgirl. She thinks her guardian is out for the day and so takes his laptop to watch what he thinks is his secret stash of spanking films.

She gets carried way and is soon playing with herself so hard she fails to hear him return early. […]

A hard spanking for femjoy starlet Masie Dee

Something a little different for you this week. We don’t normally have young ladies pleasuring themselves in our films but this week we are trying an experiment. So let us have comments to tell us if you would like more or less of this kind of film. We value your input.

Masie Dee has been […]

Teenage tanning tantrum tamed – Maise spanked nude in our new spanking movie

Masie is a right handful. She talks back to her elders and really is handful of trouble for her poor guardian.

He finally has had enough and this young lady is stripped naked and soundly spanked on pert bottom.

A great original spanking movie from Sound Punishment […]

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