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Game of Thrones star Masie Dee back on SoundPunishment.com

We had a great shoot recently with Masie Dee, the young actress who played the slave girl on HBO’s epic Game of Thrones series who was beaten on the teenage King Joffrey’s orders.

Well it appears that the training Masie got from us before the shoot held her in good stead and she has now […]

Game of Thrones spanking star acknowledges training at Sound Punishment

Masie Dee acknowledges on her blog that she was grateful to Sound Punishment for her spanking film training.

“I got a lovely e-mail from the brains behind SoundPunishment on Friday saying he had loved my spanking scene. I told him that obviously full credit had to go to him as he was the […]

Schoolgirl Masie Dee made to display ‘charms to her tormentor

Schoolgirl Masie shows us everything in this photo-story.

She is spanked and then he makes her expose her anus and pussy to humiliate this schoolgirl as part of her punishment before he finishes with a blistering spanking from his slipper.

Poor Masie

Schoolgirl Masie Dee suffers and shows all in this […]

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