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The Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls – Evening punishment for Kali Redmond

Kali Redmond now discovers what happens to girls who are late at the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls.

She is late changing into her evening uniform of Victorian open-crotch bloomers.

She is spanked and then severely tawsed for tardiness.

Kali is made to lie down and the tawse is used on her bare bottom, […]

Kali Redmond’s new party dress paddling

When Kali Redmond returns home she is full of joy at buying what she thinks is a bargain of a new party dress.

She shows it off to her husband but has to admit she has paid for it with the money he gave her to the pay household bills.

She gets a […]

Grimthorpe Reformatory evening discipline for Kali Redmond

Kali Redmond is now summoned for her evening disciplinary session by the Governor of the Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls. A brisk OTK spanking is followed by having to strip naked in front of him before she is dressed in open-crotch bloomers and tawsed severely.

A Victorian tawsing for Kali Redmond


Hard school rules make for a sore bottom for Kali

6th form schoolgirl Kali Redmond has been told to take a note to the Headmaster.

This busy man assumes she is another girl who has been sent for punishment and dutifully he spanks her before realising his mistake.

When he finally reads the note he reads that Kali has vandalised his car and […]

Kali redmond gets a dose of the Headmaster’s wooden schoolgirl spanker ruler

Kali has been sent to the Headmaster with a note.

She soon finds that this note lands her in deep trouble and she now gets an OTK hard hand spanking.

Her punishment is not over however and he then gives her a dose of the his wooden schoolgirl spanking ruler.

Kali Redmond finds […]

An OTK tawsing for schoolgirl Kali – new spanking film

After her earlier disciplinary session with the school nurse Kali finds herself now reporting to her Housemaster for a more prolonged, and painful, set of punishments.

His hard hand, firstly over her blue tights and then on her bare bottom, followed by the leather paddle and finally a Lochgelly tawse soon show this Scots sixth-form […]

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