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Jasmine Lau hand-spanked and hairbrushed for haughtiness

Jasmine sometimes gets above herself. She overestimates her position in this household and needs the occasional, painful, reminder of who is the boss.

When a hand-spanking only earns him a slap on the face then the dreaded hairbrush must come into play!

But she knows he cannot be angry for long and after the pain […]

Porn star Jasmine Lau finds that hairbrushes have more than one use!

Adult film star Jasmine Lau soon finds that his patience wears thin when she comes home smelling of drink.

A session over his knees getting her bare bottom spanked is deemed not enough punishment and so he goes and gets his trusty wooden paddle hairbrush and this soon brings a blush to this maiden’s […]

Pandora Blake pays for losing her hairbrush

Pandora Blake has lost her Mentor’s gift, an expensive Mason Pearson hairbrush, a family heirloom. He decides that she must be punished in kind and so tries out several implements including a sorority paddle and large wooden brush before settling on a prolonged bare bottom spanking with a very stingy plastic hairbrush that leaves […]

Lazy maids get a big hand, hairbrush and tawse!

Young Scot Kali is a lazy maid. She gets caught sleeping on the job and is offered a stark choice – her P45 unemployment cards or a chance at redemption by taking the hotel manager’s punishment! In these times of high unemployment she wisely chooses the latter, more painful option, and she […]

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