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6th Form Susan’s triple chastisement

Sixth Form schoolgirl Susan James is cheeky, rude and insolent to her teachers. Even though she is 18 it does not make her immune from the Headmaster’s new corporal punishment-based disciplinary regime. She now faces the painful consequences of her behaviour, a spanking followed by the slipper then a final 12 strokes of his […]

Fae Corbin faces the Headmaster’s cane

After her spanking from Miss Stricktland young schoolgirl Fae now faces the Headmaster’s wrath. He spanks her pert bare bottom red before placing her over the gym horse for a severe bare bottom thrashing with his cane which leaves her weeping.

A red-hot well-striped bottom for petite schoolgirl Fae Corbin in this photo-story


Schoolgirl spanked and then severely caned for the very first time

Caught smoking in an empty classroom during the mid-day break, probationary Prefect Chloe Rogers has no excuse for, and the Headmaster no reason to mitigate, the just and painful punishment she will now receive. Chloe is spanked and severely caned.

Chloe Rogers is spanked, and caned for the very first time in her life, in […]

Aimee Weston gets the slipper, strap and cane for her sloth-like behaviour

Aimee Weston stay off school to avoid an unpleasant disciplinary meeting with her Headmaster.

Unfortunately her guardian gets a call from the Headmaster and Aimee now finds that his punishment is far more painful than the one she would have received from the Headmaster.

Aimee is soundly beaten with his gym slipper and […]

Schoolgirl Elizabeth Baxter gets the cane

Young 6th former Elizabeth Baxter falls foul of the Headmaster’s strict dress code.

Sent to him for being a troublemaker, her punishment is extended when he discovers she is wearing tights, a privilege that only Prefects are allowed.

A hard hand-spanking is followed by strokes of his wicked cane on her naked cheeks. […]

Emma Brown’s induction at the Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls

Emma Brown has now fallen foul of the Grimthorpe bye-laws on indecency.

Her disgraceful, drunken and lewd behaviour in the public street has resulted in her being sent to the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls.

Here she faces the induction spanking and whipping given to all the new inmates.

Emma looks […]

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