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Kelly Wilson is caned for the very first time in her life

Sixth-Form schoolgirl Kelly Wilson faces the hardest punishment of her young life. She is spanked and then has to submit to 12 hard strokes of the cane on her bare bottom. This is the very first time she has felt this instrument of punishment and the vivid stripes on her bottom and tears are testament […]

Danielle Hunt is severely spanked, paddled and caned for breaking school rules

When you are lazy, insolent and break the rules there can be only one penalty at this school, a trip to see your Housemaster. His decision has an immediate effect on Danielle’s ability to sit comfortably for severely days after the meeting!

Danielle Hunt is severely spanked, paddled and caned for breaking school […]

Petite schoolgirl Elizabeth Baxter is spanked paddled and caned

Six Form schoolgirl, and School Prefect, Elizabeth Baxter has been caught playing around with a boy from the nearby boy’s school. She has been called to the Headmaster’s home so that her severe punishment is kept private. He spanks, paddles and then severely canes this petite schoolgirl until she is truly penitent.

Spanked, paddled and […]

Nimue gets a sound spanking and caning for her bad school report

This week’s update is of Nimue, a naughty schoolgirl who now faces her father’s wrath over her bad school report.

A sound bare bottom spanking is not sufficient punishment in his eyes for her slack behaviour at her expensive private school.

Nimue is therefore made to bend over with her legs apart and whipped soundly […]

18 strokes of the cane with her panties down for Emma Brown

Emma Brown has escaped severe punishment at school in the past only because her mother would not sign the forms to allow her to be caned.

To Emma’s horror she is told to report to the Headmaster who tells her that her mother has now consented and he intends Emma to feel the bite […]

Emma Brown caned with her panties down

Emma Brown can be the most exasperating 6th form schoolgirl.

Cheeky and prone to wearing overtight blouses she is the bane of the Headmaster’s schooldays.

She is now well overdue for some ‘behaviour modification’ using his trusty Senior cane and he intends that she shall feel it on her bare bottom!

Emma Brown really feels […]

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