Naughty schoolgirls get severe punishment on film at Sound Punishment

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Kali Redmond’s new party dress paddling

Paddled on her bare bottomWhen Kali Redmond returns home she is full of joy at buying what she thinks is a bargain of a new party dress.

She shows it off to her husband but has to admit she has paid for it with the money he gave her to the pay household bills.

She gets a sound thigh-slapping and severe paddling with his leather paddle for her dishonesty.

A very red bottom for Kali Redmond in this great domestic spanking film

The temperature is rising for young Elizabeth

Elizabeth gets her temperature taken anally before she is spankedWhen he comes home to find Elizabeth Baxter lounging on the settee complaining of a having a temperature he does a quick check with his new anal thermometer.

This soon reveals that Elizabeth is trying to bunk off school to avoid a test.

She then receives a red hot bottom for her duplicity.


A really hot botty for Elizabeth Baxter in our new film

It’s a slapdance, not a lapdance, for Kelly

Lapdancing spanking for KellyWhen Kelly Wilson goes to George Butcher’s house for a private lapdancing session he is told to sit on his hands.

George soon forgets these instructions and his hands roam into dangerous territory.

When Kelly slaps his face he decides to do some slapping of his own!

A spanking good film with Kelly Wilson at Sound Punishment

Masie Dee suffers his ruler on her bare bottom

Masie Dee gets a spanking and the ruler on her bare bottom

Masie Dee is a very good saleswoman but her attitude and sexy dress code leave her MD unimpressed. He decides to take this young lady in hand and delivers some ‘fatherly’ advice with her over his knees for a bare bottom spanking and a dose of his 12″ rule!

A very sore bottom for Masie Dee in this great spanking film

Grimthorpe Reformatory evening discipline for Kali Redmond

Kali Redmond gets her cheeks reddened wearing Victorian open-crotch bloomersKali Redmond is now summoned for her evening disciplinary session by the Governor of the Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls. A brisk OTK spanking is followed by having to strip naked in front of him before she is dressed in open-crotch bloomers and tawsed severely.

A Victorian tawsing for Kali Redmond

Interviewing Emma Brown for the post of new school secretary

Interviewing Emma Brown for the new school secretary positionSometimes being the Headmaster of a school has certain perks and privileges. For New Headmaster George Butcher, choosing who shall be you new secreatry is one of them. When  ex-pupil Emma Brown attends for her interview as his secretary she finds the new Headmaster perusing her old disciplinary records. What follows appears at first to be an abuse of his power and certainly an abuse of Emma’s most spankable bottom, but all is not as it first appears and ends mutually enjoyably for all concerned!

A hard spanking for secretary Emma Brown in this great new film from Sound Punishment

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