Naughty schoolgirls get severe punishment on film at Sound Punishment

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The Netball Coach

The Netball CoachWhen the school netball team fail to perform then the coach faces a severe punishment from the Games Master. Spanked and caned, the coach then exacts her revenge on Ashlea for being the troublemaker and laziest girl in the team with a sound OTK spanking followed by a dose of her heavy tawse.

 A great teacher and student punishment film

Susan James is spanked by her landlord

Susan James is spanked by the Landlord

College student Susan James lives in college accommodation run by a strict landlord. All students must be in bed by 11pm but Susan is caught coming in at 2am. Susan suffers a prolonged spanking followed by a dose of the landlord’s heavy gym slipper to remind her of the curfew time.

A great student punishment film

Louise Trumble in Trouble

Louise Trumble in troubleWhen you come home dressed like a a tart and smelling of alcohol you can expect some displeasure from the man of the house. Louise soon finds out that his displeasure can lead to her receiving a very sore bare bottom!


A well-spanked bare bottom for this brand-new spanking model in this photostory

None are safe when the Headmaster visits

Mother and daughter spanked

When the Headmaster visits Ashlea’s home he decides that her laziness is something she has inherited from her mother. So he decides to take both ‘in hand’ so to speak and delivers blistering hand spanking and a hard dose of his slipper to them both!


Spanking and slippering punishment for mother and daughter in this great spanking film.

Fae Corbin faces the Headmaster’s cane

Schoolgirl faces the headmaster's caneAfter her spanking from Miss Stricktland young schoolgirl Fae now faces the Headmaster’s wrath. He spanks her pert bare bottom red before placing her over the gym horse for a severe bare bottom thrashing with his cane which leaves her weeping.

A red-hot well-striped bottom for petite schoolgirl Fae Corbin in this photo-story

Kelly Wilson is caned for the very first time in her life

Schoolgirl Kelly Wilson canedSixth-Form schoolgirl Kelly Wilson faces the hardest punishment of her young life. She is spanked and then has to submit to 12 hard strokes of the cane on her bare bottom. This is the very first time she has felt this instrument of punishment and the vivid stripes on her bottom and tears are testament to its effectiveness.


A genuine first caning for Kelly Wilson in this unique punishment film

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