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Game of Thrones star Masie Dee back on SoundPunishment.com

We had a great shoot recently with Masie Dee, the young actress who played the slave girl on HBO’s epic Game of Thrones series who was beaten on the teenage King Joffrey’s orders.

Well it appears that the training Masie got from us before the shoot held her in good stead and she has now […]

Louise Trumble in Trouble

When you come home dressed like a a tart and smelling of alcohol you can expect some displeasure from the man of the house. Louise soon finds out that his displeasure can lead to her receiving a very sore bare bottom!


A well-spanked bare bottom for this brand-new spanking model in this photostory


Fae Corbin faces the Headmaster’s cane

After her spanking from Miss Stricktland young schoolgirl Fae now faces the Headmaster’s wrath. He spanks her pert bare bottom red before placing her over the gym horse for a severe bare bottom thrashing with his cane which leaves her weeping.

A red-hot well-striped bottom for petite schoolgirl Fae Corbin in this photo-story


A Happy Slappy Christmas to all our fans

It is that time of year for merriment and overindulgence. Make sure that your loved one does not succumb to temptation by giving therm regular reminder spankings. Rather a hot bottom before the firm’s office party than a regretful memory afterwards!

Enough of these festive frivolities for now, let us concentrate on seeing young […]

Schoolgirl Fae gets a red bottom before school

You come home late on a school night and you face the consequences. For Fae Corbin they are pre-school bare-bottom tanning on top of the one you gave her last night! This young schoolgirl will feel this spanking all day as she sits on the hard school seats!

Fae gets a hot red bottom for […]

A late homecoming spanking for Fae Corbin

She knew the house rules on bed times during the school week and chose to ignore them. Fae Corbin now suffers a severe OTK bare bottom spanking for coming in late.

A real red-ass spanking for naughty girl Fae Corbin in this photo-story.



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