Naughty schoolgirls get severe punishment on film at Sound Punishment

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Game of Thrones star Masie Dee back on

Game of Thrones star Masie Dee spanked at SoundPunishment.comWe had a great shoot recently with Masie Dee, the young actress who played the slave girl on HBO’s epic Game of Thrones series who was beaten on the teenage King Joffrey’s orders.

Well it appears that the training Masie got from us before the shoot held her in good stead and she has now returned to shoot with us a new set of great spanking films.

As a taste of what is to come we now have a photo-story update of her first film in which she plays the naughty cheerleader who gets her bottom soundly spanked and then slippered.

As usual Masie was a star actress and gave us during the day’s shoot gave us some fantastic responses to being spanked, slippered, paddled, and for the very first time ever, caned on her bare bottom!

You can follow Masie Dee’s adventures on Twitter at @masiedee

Gillian’s sexy basque spanking

Gillian's sexy basque spankingGillian wears her new sexy underwear and decides that as her husband is late she will start without him! Her husband catches her writhing on the bed and she soon is made to realise her big mistake as he bares her pert derrière and turns it as red as her new negligee with his hard hand.

A red-hot domestic discipline spanking movie

School Rules for 18 y/o schoolgirl Misty

School Rules for Misty

18 year old schoolgirl Misty now has to see her Housemaster for evening punishment. She is spanked, slippered then finally receives his yard ruler across her well-punished bare bottom.

A great tear jerking schoolgirl punishment film at


“It’s Not Fair!” starring Amelia Jane Rutherford

"It's Not Fair!" starring Amelia Jane RutherfordAmelia Jane Rutherford is the spoilt wife of a successful businessman. When she overspends her allowance she uses, without his permission, his credit card to buy expensive clothes. She soon finds out that this can be a painful mistake to make as he spanks and then paddles her delectable rear red!

A blistering bare bottom paddling for Amelia in this video

Sorry Secretary starring Amelia Jane Rutherford

Sorry Secretary starring Amelia Jane RutherfordAmelia Jane Rutherford really messes up the correspondence between two customers which it costs the company dear. The company Chairman takes Amelia in hand and teaches her the error of her ways!

Bare bottom spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford in this great spanking video

6th Form Susan’s triple chastisement

Susan's  triple chastisement

Sixth Form schoolgirl Susan James is cheeky, rude and insolent to her teachers. Even though she is 18 it does not make her immune from the Headmaster’s new corporal punishment-based disciplinary regime. She now faces the painful consequences of her behaviour, a spanking followed by the slipper then a final 12 strokes of his trusty cane!

A hot bottom for schoolgirl Susan in our latest film

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