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Spanking Star Masie Dee spanked on HBO “Game of Thrones”

Masie Dee Game of Thrones star spankedThe second series of the HBO fantasy thriller Game of Thrones threw up a surprise this week. Masie Dee (credited as Maisie Dee) starred in a role we all know well – bent naked over a four-poster bed being spanked and then thrashed with a thick belt on her bare bottom by another prostitute on the orders of the cruel boy King Joffrey.

I think it was fortunate that the final implement was not shown landing on the delectable Masie’s bottom because it was more a sharp faced club than a proper disciplinary implement. This could of put her off spanking for ever, and we can’t have that!

We were somewhat gentler for the many films she made for, but only by a little!

We sent our congratulations to Masie for her great and realistic performance on Game of Thrones to which she replied

“It’s lovely to hear from you thank you for your kind words on my TV acting efforts. I have to point out to you that I couldn’t have done it without you, years of spanking training came to a peak at just the right time”

So ladies, it seems that our spanking films could help you to stardom as well!  Contact us if you would like to star on Sound Punishment


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