Great schoolgirl spanking and caning films from Sound Punishment

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Game of Thrones spanking star acknowledges training at Sound Punishment

Masie Dee acknowledges on her blog that she was grateful to Sound Punishment for her spanking film training.

“I got a lovely e-mail from the brains behind SoundPunishment on Friday saying he had loved my spanking scene. I told him that obviously full credit had to go to him as he was the first spanking site I ever worked with. I have a new scene out for them at the moment.

Click here for the trailer I am currently the second clip down.

“When you are the Headmaster of a renowned private school you have standards to keep. Your young ex-model wife seems to take great delight in wearing provocative clothes and teasing the older boys. She therefore has to be punished for this and you decide to’ take her in hand’ and deal with her. Spanking her OTK and then in a humiliating diaper position leads to unexpected and pleasurable consequences for all concerned!

A humiliating diaper position spanking for “Game of Thrones” actress Masie Dee”

 I only just noticed he had put me as being from Game of Thrones – you are a sweetie thank you!”
Our pleasure young lady,we will work with again you any time you wish …… though calling our Headmaster ‘sweetie’ already has earned you another spanking!
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