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It gets better and better, Kiera Knightley spanked on film!

Are you ready for some stimulation – err, intellectual stimulation? Or how about just the sight of Keira Knightley getting a good spanking?

Well, it’s all there in the just-released trailer for David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, which features Keira Knightley enjoying just such a kinky pastime in one of its scenes. Don’t remember her […]

Karen Gillan (Dr Who’s Amy Pond) found wimpering naked in hotel corridor

It seems that young Miss Gillan has blotted her copybook by being found wandering and wimpering in a New York hotel corridor whilst stark naked! Now we know all readers of this blog will be wondering if she was wimpering because she had been soundly spanked or caned by Matt Smith for letting ‘the side […]

Aimee Weston gets the slipper, strap and cane for her sloth-like behaviour

Aimee Weston stay off school to avoid an unpleasant disciplinary meeting with her Headmaster.

Unfortunately her guardian gets a call from the Headmaster and Aimee now finds that his punishment is far more painful than the one she would have received from the Headmaster.

Aimee is soundly beaten with his gym slipper and […]

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