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Jasmine Lau is spanked before bed time and slippered before school

Young schoolgirl Jasmine thinks that house rules do not apply to her.

Coming in late after a night out drinking she finds herself bent over his knee for a sound bare-bottom spanking before being sent to bed.

The next morning she dresses for school but finds that she is to be spanked and […]

A spanking for watching spanking films for Masie Dee

18 year old Masie Dee is a naughty schoolgirl. She thinks her guardian is out for the day and so takes his laptop to watch what he thinks is his secret stash of spanking films.

She gets carried way and is soon playing with herself so hard she fails to hear him return early. […]

Hard school rules make for a sore bottom for Kali

6th form schoolgirl Kali Redmond has been told to take a note to the Headmaster.

This busy man assumes she is another girl who has been sent for punishment and dutifully he spanks her before realising his mistake.

When he finally reads the note he reads that Kali has vandalised his car and […]

BBW schoolgirl spanked red raw

Sandy Milton is in charge of the school tuck shop.

Our Rubinesque schoolgirl soon finds that lying about stealing from the tuck shop causes her significant pain when she is seen by the Deputy headmaster


This naughty schoolgirl gets a very firm thigh slapping spanking in this week’s movie


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