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A hard hairbrushing for Aimee Weston

Aimee Weston gets to feel the wrath of her guardian as he slippers her for her tardiness.

Her stubbornness and lack or remorse means that a heavy dose of the wooden hairbrush is required to obtain the desired penitent outcome.

Aimee Weston now feels a double-spanking with slipper and hairbrush in this hard spanking video


Big girls can be made to cry!

BBW schoolgirl Sandy Milton has been sent to wait by the staff common room to see the Headmaster. He is away so the Deputy Headmaster has to deal with her. She is accused of stealing from the school’s tuck shop and lying about her involvement. The Deputy Head decides to deal immediately with her for […]

From sassy sexy sailorgirl to spanked sorry schoolgirl in two lessons!

Samantha Redman is a party girl, unfortunately she is also a schoolgirl. And whe you are in charge of a schoolgirl it is a man’s responsibility to ensure that she is home on time and rested for her studies. Unfortunately Samatha’s latest all-night revel has now earned her a double dose of punishment by hand […]

A hard spanking for femjoy starlet Masie Dee

Something a little different for you this week. We don’t normally have young ladies pleasuring themselves in our films but this week we are trying an experiment. So let us have comments to tell us if you would like more or less of this kind of film. We value your input.

Masie Dee has been […]

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