Our latest spanking shoot with the Amazing Masie Dee!

Porn star Masie Dee shows all at Sound PunishmentMasie Dee is one of the UK’s leading porn actresses. She is a beautiful, intelligent and totally wacky lady who oozes sex from her every pore. We filmed Masie this last weekend and WOW! what a performance she gave us a girlfriend of a soldier sent to Afghanistan.

Masie plays a porn star who has been booked to do a femjoy shoot. Unfortunately she is not in the best of spirits because her boyfriend is off to Afghanistan to fight for Queen and country that morning. She has not been able to ‘make up’ the argument she had with him before he left that morning. He did not have time to spank her.

This guilt makes her break down in the middle of the shoot and our kindly filmaker persuades Masie that he could do the spanking as proxy for her boyfriend and that he will send him the DVD! Masie agrees and after a hot bottom has been received she soon is back to her randy porny self!

You can follow Masie Dee’s amazing porn adventures on her blog at “Masie has a blog