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Jasmine Lau hand-spanked and hairbrushed for haughtiness

Jasmine sometimes gets above herself. She overestimates her position in this household and needs the occasional, painful, reminder of who is the boss.

When a hand-spanking only earns him a slap on the face then the dreaded hairbrush must come into play!

But she knows he cannot be angry for long and after the pain […]

A bath towel tanning for Aimee Weston

Aimee Weston is late getting ready, as usual. Her husband is so irate he decides that as they are already late he can delay things further by immediately dealing with his tardy wife.

Her attitude soon earns her a hard OTK spanking whilst wearing just two towels.

These drop to just one when […]

Our latest spanking shoot with the Amazing Masie Dee!

Masie Dee is one of the UK’s leading porn actresses. She is a beautiful, intelligent and totally wacky lady who oozes sex from her every pore. We filmed Masie this last weekend and WOW! what a performance she gave us a girlfriend of a soldier sent to Afghanistan.

Masie plays a porn star who has […]

Summer Daniels erotic spanking

Summer Daniels wanted to know if she could be aroused by an erotic, rather than punishment, spanking.

We were glad to assist her experiment with this form of arousal by baring her delightful bottom and spanking it pink!

Summer Daniels displays her all in this erotic spanking masterpiece.


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