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Samantha’s Samurai Sword Spanking

You are told as a child not to play with sharp objects because you may get hurt.

It seems some teenagers also need to learn the same lesson.

Playing with a priceless razor-sharp Samurai sword leaves Samantha with a red-hot bottom to remind her never to do […]

There’s gold in them thar frills! Porn star Jasmine Lau spanked as red as her Santa suit

UK porn star Jasmine Lau stars in this seasonal offering. Our Sexy Santa beams in for a spot of larceny but gets more than she bargains for when her victim awakes.

When he has finished spanking her it is not just her costume that is cherry red!

Sexy Santa Jasmine Lau spanked to perfection



BrushStrokes has just launched his annual “Most Improved Spanking Site” competition on his blog at http://thespankingspot.com/2010-spanking-awards-most-improved-spanking-site/

So why don’t all you lovers of Sound Punishment mosey over there and vote for this site and let us see out 2010 with an award.

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