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Elizabeth’s ping pong paddling

Elizabeth has finally managed to get the paddling she deserves.

Her petulant and lazy ways have pushed him to the limit of his endurance and so this young schoolgirl gets her pert bottom spanked red and then paddled purple using a table tennis bat.

Surely she will now have learned her lesson?

A […]

Samantha’s Samurai Sword Spanking

When Samantha dresses in her ‘Kill Bill’ Japanese schoolgirl costume she overdoes the realism by borrowing a priceless Samurai sword to complete her outfit.

Found abusing the sword by slashing at plants in the garden she is soundly spanked and then suffers several strokes of the sword’s hard and heavy scabbard on her already […]

Schoolgirl Elizabeth is spanked for petulance

He cannot abide Elizabeth sulking and being stubborn. Seeing her slovenly deportment he berates her and gets insolence in reply.

This petite schoolgirl soon finds herself being reminded, corporally, that his will is absolute and both his resolve and hard right hand are firm in dealing with petulant schoolgirls.

A superb bare bottom […]

I warned you Kelly, now it’s the slipper!

Schoolgirl Kelly is too sassy for her own good. After getting a spanking for being cheeky she then tells him that ‘her Granny could spank harder than that”!

This silliness earns this bratty schoolgirl a hot blistering bare bottom dose of his size 11 slipper. She isn’t cracking sarcastic comments after that!

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