Great schoolgirl spanking and caning films from Sound Punishment

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Does Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) deserve a spanking?

Would Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) look like this is she was being spanked?It is not often that I write about anything but the spanking films I make for SoundPunishment. But sometimes you just have to think of things outside of that role – well almost.

Contrary to some blogger’s opinion that Amy Pond, as played by Karen Gillan,  would make a good dominatrix, I feel the opposite.

I think that Amy Pond is deserving of at least a sound spanking for repeatedly disobeying The Doctor on Dr Who.

I know she tends to win the day but if I was The Doctor I would seriously consider warming Amy Pond’s pert bottom as soon as I was alone with her in the Tardis.

I mean, in that ever expanding machine surely there must be room for a discipline chamber for naughty assistants?

The phrase ‘I am going to spank you until you cannot sit down for a week’ takes on a whole new meaning in a time machine!

Is that a relative week, a real week? I sincerely hope it would not be a real weak spanking because Amy Pond deserves a hard OTK, skirt up, pants down, bare bottom spanking if any of his assistants did!

I am sure her eyes would look like the picture above as the first Doctoral slap arrives!
Oh well, back to the video editing …. but one can dream!

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