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Tales from the Reformatory. 27193 Mathews, Clover. Evening Chastisement

Clover Mathews now faces the first of her evening chastisement sessions at Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls. She is made to wear the Victorian evening wear as instigated by the Reformatory’s founder Jebediah Grimthorpe. Her shame is made absolute when she is made to wear open crotch bloomers which are soon used to check her […]

Czech glamour model spanked for the first time

Natalie, a beautiful Czech professional glamour model, came to us for an interview and audition because she always wanted to feel what a real spanking was like from an experienced but caring spanker.

Well, our Headmaster could not keep such a beautiful young lady waiting and soon had her around to a film her […]

Tales from the Reformatory: Mathews, C. – Initiation

Clover Mathews is now sentenced to a week at the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls.

She thinks herself above the law and and the bye-laws on public decency and so she is sent to the Reformatory.

There she is severely spanked and paddled before she is forced to strip naked before the […]

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