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A Chinese schoolgirl caned for the first time

Chinese schoolgirl Lilly is now really in trouble as she is caught vandalising her Headmaster’s garden. She finds herself over his knee for an al fresco spanking and then her very first dose of his dreaded school cane.

Her squeals of pain and horror blend with the thwack of rattan on her bare bottom, […]

Schoolgirl Emma’s pottery phallus punishment

6th form schoolgirl Emma has given the Pottery Mistress a ‘dose of the vapours’ with her overly realistic depiction of a certain ‘item’ of male ‘furniture’!

The Headmaster decides that he will make sure Miss Emma Brown understands the unacceptability of her behaviour by firstly spanking her red, then, after soothing her bottom with cold […]

A gymslip caning for 6th form schoolgirl Clover

Clover Mathews is the bane of the Headmaster’s life. This petite naughty 6th form troublemaker is now caught wearing a 1st form gymslip rather than her neat 6th form uniform. It is so short that her white panties are on show if she even bends only slightly forward! The Headmaster decides that as she is […]

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