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Chinese schoolgirl Lilly gets a paddle-fried bottom

The spanking she got earlier was not enough and she is soon back before the Headmaster to receive a blistering hand-spanking and then the very first strapping of her young life with his fearsmne leather paddle. Her cries of pain do not dissuade him from his task and Lilly is soon a sore and very […]

A gymslip punishment for 6th form troublemaker Clover

Clover Mathews is the bane of the Headmaster’s life. This petite naughty 6th form troublemaker is now caught wearing a 1st form gymslip rather than her neat 6th form uniform.

It is so short that her white panties are on show if she even bends only slightly forward!

The Headmaster decides that as she is […]

Caroline Grey gets her due punishment

Caroline Grey, having taken advantage of his broken arm and lied to her guardian is not going to get away with it.

She is going to be beaten by his good friend the local Headmaster on both her cheating hands and also her naughty bottom until she buckles at the knees.

The Headmaster decides that […]

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