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Lilly, our Oriental schoolgirl gets her first spanking

Lilly, our new Chinese exchange student is not settling in and seems determined not to obey the school rules. She now faces the Headmaster and gets her very first spanking on her soft bare bottom. Her squeaks and wails of alarm are a joy to his ears as her delivers a blistering spanking onto her […]

Case files from the Reformatory. 21935: Robertson, K

Kami Robertson has fallen foul of the ancient law requiring women to obey ‘modest dress and behaviour’ in the ancient Borough of Grimthorpe.

Alone amongst British towns they have legally retained the right to have their own Reformatory for Delinquent Girls where corporal punishment is the norm.

Convicted by the Magistrates she is sent to […]

Caroline Grey Caned and Shamed

Caroline Grey must now face her second ‘treatment’, from her headmaster who has been called in to punish her because her guardian has broken his arm.

She now faces an extensive spanking over her tights before they come down for a bare bottom caning from the headmaster’s fearsome Dragon cane.

A great original schoolgirl punishment […]

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