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Caroline Grey gets the hairbrush then paddle on her bare bottom!

Caroline has bought some vintage 1950’s clothes. She has used a stolen credit card and she is punished in two films on Sound Punishment. This film continues the epic punishment of this young lady. She has already had the spanking of her life for her buying the 1950’s clothing. She now gets the hairbrush and […]

Clover gets the spanking of her life

After a night on the tiles Clover tries to sneak up to her bedroom when she comes back from her party.

She soon finds that her lack of decorum in her dress and her answer-back attitude get her into deep trouble.

An OTK spanking is the first order of the day before […]

Schoolgirl Willow gets 18 strokes of the cane

What an update this week.

We have schoolgirl Willow who is seen to obviously enjoy her punishment from the Headmaster. The story is that Willow believes that by being cheeky she can get away with murder. Unfortunately her new Headmaster thinks otherwise and decides she needs to be punished for her unruly behaviour. To his […]

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Two naughty schoolgirls get the cane

To most schoolgirls supply teachers are a wishy-washy lot that are fair game for being the target of insulting notes on the blackboard.

When they hear that a new supply teacher is coming Rachel and Gillian write some of their most obscene pros on the board for his arrival.

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