Great schoolgirl spanking and caning films from Sound Punishment

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We need your house! Spanking film locations needed for hire.

I am looking for new UK  film locations to make our Sound Punishment spanking films in. I will pay for the privilege of filming in your home or other premises and you get to assist us or just watch the filming.

I need to use locations that ideally lie within the ring made by the M1, M6 and M62 motorways, or if outside the ring very close to them.

The location needs to be quiet with no intrusive vehicle, aircraft or music/noise from neighbours. The location must also ideally not have its windows overlooked so that we can use natural daylight along with our daylight balanced lighting kit. Rooms should be larger than 15ft x 15ft to enable us to use our high definition camera systems. We try and film during the working week between 10am and 4pm but weekends are also possible.

Nearby or on-site car parking is essential because of the amount of film kit we need to carry into the premises and if above the first floor or on an upper floor of a block of flats or office the use of a lift is essential.

Any property must be well furnished, clean and tidy and if it has period pieces, a study etc. then all the better.

So if you have suitable premises and want to get paid to watch to spanking films being made, drop me a PM or contact me via our helpdesk with your contact and location details and I will get back to you.

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