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A fantastic HD filming session for Sound Punishment

We have had a fantastic spanking shoot recently for Sound Punishment.

Utilising our new HDV video cameras we filmed Clover and Willow, two young ladies new to spanking film work.

These two naughty schoolgirls really try our Headmaster’s patience and get the spankings, strappings, paddlings, slipperings and canings they deserve.

We are in the process […]

Wynter’s drunk driving spanking

Wynter arrives home from her friend’s Japanese schoolgirl fancy dress party looking divine, but she is also over the drink drive limit and she has driven home!

Her husband is furious and decides that as she has acted like a naughty schoolgirl he shall treat her as one. She is soon over his knees […]

Kali and the School Nurse

Mrs McGregor, the School Nurse at St. Smackems is not a woman to be trifled with. This dour Scot knows how to deal with recalcitrant and obstreperous young ladies. Kali falls foul of Mrs McGregor when she has her health inspection and argues with this formidable lady! A bare bottom hand spanking is the least […]

Red shoes mean a hot red bottom for schoolgirl Kali

Young Kali should not have worn the red shoes with her school uniform, it is like a red rag to a bull to her Housemaster and she soon finds herself OTK with her bottom visibly reddening through her blue tights.

He delivers a blistering hand spanking over her blue tights before they, and her white […]

A Century of English Spanking! Sound Punishment publish their 100th film!

What a milestone this week has been. Though we are slightly late in uploading our 100th film to the servers (damn Microsoft and all their spawn for causing computer problems on the video editing machine) we now have put online our 100th spanking film! This film stars newcomer Masie Dee, a very young looking 22 […]

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