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Naughty Nikki gets caned before she goes out partying

Nikki changes to go out but her guardian sees the flimsy sexy clothing she is wearing and so delivers a blistering caning to her bare bottom to drive the point home that she must behave herself when out and not come home late or drunk. Nikki shows all in this red-bottomed photo-story at Sound Punishment. […]

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets spanked and tawsed for school uniform rules infractions.

Amelia Jane Rutherford joins her new school after being ‘sent down’ by her posh private school. She has not read the school rules and so falls foul of her housemaster when he holds her interview and uniform inspection. Her diaphanous non-regulation panties earn her a prolonged over the knee spanking followed by a severe […]

£100 per day for spanking video recording venues

We are looking to hire suitable houses or locations for making our spanking films in. We pay £100 per day in cash and are looking for houses etc. with large rooms which are well-decorated and furnished and have no problems with external noise, or neighbours who are going to object to the sound of hands […]

New girl Lena learns her lesson

New girl Lena is sent to her housemaster after classes to explain why she has been disruptive in classes and not handed in her homeworks. He shows the young upstart that he will brook no nonsense from this newcomer. A sound and painful bare bottom spanking soon has the desired effect!

Red bottom schoolgirl spanking […]

Happy New Year and a dose of School Rule for Pandora

A Happy new year to all from Sound Punishment.

A slightly delayed movie update this week because yours truly has been KO’d by influenza and is only just back on his feet.

This week we have one of our longest films on the site, over 25 minutes of Pandora Blake being berated for not learning […]

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