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Dani Loveday’s tour of British school discipline methods

Dani Loveday arrives reluctantly at the Headmaster’s house. She is to be punished severely for her transgressions and faces being tawsed and caned on her bare bottom.

To her horror the Headmaster decides to round off her her disciplinary education by using an Irish ferula on her hands and bottom.

A great original English spanking […]

Pandora Blakes Bottom Rules!

Pandora Blake returns home to find that she is in trouble again for her poor performance and bad behaviour at school. A spanking on her bare bottom is not sufficient punishment so she gets a severe caning on her bare bottom with the dreaded 3ft hard wooden ruler.

Her dignity is not spared and we […]

Teenage tanning tantrum tamed – Maise spanked nude in our new spanking movie

Masie is a right handful. She talks back to her elders and really is handful of trouble for her poor guardian.

He finally has had enough and this young lady is stripped naked and soundly spanked on pert bottom.

A great original spanking movie from Sound Punishment […]

Kali and the school nurse

This photo story stars aour sensation new find Kali. She makes a most convincing schoolgirl and she gets a severe spanking, strapping and tawsing of her bare bottom whist naked for her examination.

A superb photo story from Sound Punishment

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