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Schoolgirl Emma Brown is punished for shoplifting

Emma Brown is a thief. She has been caught shoplifting by a local shopkeeper and she now faces the wrath of her guardian. He decides that she needs an exemplary punishment, one that will make her mend her ways.

She is spanked, tawsed on her thieving hands and then suffers the indignity of having her […]

Dani relives her schooldays

Dani has been sent by her husband to see her old Headmaster because she needs to feel the discipline that she used to get when she was at school many years ago.

Just because she has grown up does not mean that she does not want to feel a hard hand on her […]

A Painful Dose of Army Discipline

It is a lesson in life that even the more mature of ladies need reminding of their responsibilities by the application of a painful implement to their bare bottoms.

Annie is no exception and this stable manageress receives a sound spanking then a cropping with a riding crop over tight jodhpurs before taking her Army […]

Rachel paddled to contrition

Rachel is in detention again, this time for defacing the blackboard. The Headmaster is determined to get to the bottom of her bad behaviour and goes straight to the seat of the trouble and deals with it most firmly! Rachel’s pert buttocks are spanked then bared for a severe OTK paddle session leaving her standing […]

Niki Flynn – spanked for the very first time on film as a cheerleader

(Click here for a 8Mb special preview)

As we mentioned before, Niki Flynn said in her autobiography Dances with Werewolves that she had never been spanked on film whilst wearing her genuine US cheerleader uniform. So we did! We now have the exclusive film of this event showing on Sound Punishment

In our […]

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