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He just wanted a whisky, she wanted a wacking!

He just wanted a whisky, she wanted a wacking!

Dani can be a nuisance at times. She needs a firm hand to keep her in line and sometimes even more!

When he wants a whisky her gallant partner asks Dani to get him one, but her sarcastic and impolite demeanour tell him that […]

The Recalcitrant Schoolgirl

The problem for any housemaster is how do you deal with incorrigible pupils like Lucy? Her persistent bad behaviour means she is always in front of the master for punishment.

The number of times she has been before him this term one would think she actually enjoyed having her tight, pert bottom cheeks spanked, […]

Dani’s wanton whisky wacking

Dani is a one of those ladies that needs taking in hand on a regular basis. Her need for a good thrashing makes her increasingly irritable and disobedient until her poor husband is forced to deal with her in the only way he knows will fulfill her need.

A sound over the knee spanking […]

Mistress Jane/John – RIP 25/01/2008

It is with great sadness that we announce the death on 25th January of one of our close friends in the UK spanking scene. John, in his persona of Headmistress Jane was a force to be reckoned with on the UK spanking and school role play scene.

Mistress Jane would have given Alastair Sim a […]

PA Rachel punished for wearing naughty knickers

Young Rachel, having changed into what she thinks is a more appropriate form of dress for the office, returns to be inspected by the Chairman of the Board.

He would have let her off for having too short a skirt, for what man does not enjoy the sight of a mini-skirted young lady.

But […]

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