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Pole Dancing Punishment – our brand new film

When Misty works as a pole-dancer at the Bottoms Up Club she never thought that those words would apply to her! She is soundly spanked after showing her boss that she has made no effort to learn to pole dance and has been wasting his time and money. He wastes no time at all […]

Misty measured for Punishment

Maintaining proper uniform standards and deportment are important for a young lady at a top-class finishing school. Misty learns that there are more that rules are to be obeyed, and that they sting when applied to her hands and bottom. But far far worse is the pain she gets from the Master’s plimpsoll.

More […]

Schoolgirl spanked, slippered, tawsed, her hands strapped and then she is caned on her bare bottom … what more do you want?

Slovenliness, laziness, dishonesty. If anything can raise the anger of a housemaster in a girls boarding school it is these heinous sins. Poor Ashlea O’Connor now feels the full weight of scholastic discipline as she is spanked, slippered, tawsed on the hands and her bare bottom before receiving a sound caning on her hot […]

Spanked and caned for tardiness

Mr Stern does not like tardiness, in fact it arouses his anger and poor Gillian now gets it in the neck, or rather on her bottom, for being late to class again. A sound spanking on her pert bottom is followed by a prolonged caning bent over the desk.


School Reunions Can Be Painful

Annie comes home from a school reunion fancy dress party a little worse for wear! Her school gymslip gives her husband an idea of how to deal with and she gets a sound spanking and strapping which he tops off with a severe caning on her bare bottom!


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