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Rachel and the Board of Education

Rachel was never the best of mature pupils but she mets her match with this man. Her tutor has experienced the American college methods for instilling disicipline and after giving her a sound OTK spanking she gets the dreaded sorority paddle on her hot red cheeks.


Slave Silk Sisters Spanked

Summer and Lee are sisters under the skin, and we get to see how close they can be. Both sexily display themselves to the man in their lives and then go over his knees one by one to have their pert and so spankable bottoms blushed pink by his hard hand.


The Hell Master

Gillian and Rachel usually run rings around supply teachers. This time however they meet their match with the supply teacher from Hell – Angels Branch that is! He teaches them to respect teachers and to improve their manners with his hand and slipper on their bare bottoms.


School Rules for Misty

Misty is a slovenly and lazy 6th former at her private school . Rather than take her under his wing her Housemaster decides it would be more beneficial to take her over his knees and administer a heated slippering with his trusty gym shoe before showing her that his school rule, all 3 foot length […]

The Netball Coach’s Revenge

Following on from her being caned by the netball team’s sponsor, the team’s coach, Mrs McGregor, takes her revenge on young troublemaker Ashlea. The severe and painful bare bottom spanking is just the start of the humiliating punishment she receives as this determined Scots lady goes on to reek havoc on Ashlea’s soft pink buttocks […]

Misty Paddled for Petulance

Misty just does not believe the rules of the household apply to her. Planning to go out she dresses far to provocatively and when challenged her petulance and rudeness earn her a well-deserved OTK spanking followed by a leather paddling that leaves her wailing and weeping. A fantastic spanking film producing genuine tears.


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