Great schoolgirl spanking and caning films from Sound Punishment

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Spanking timers

sermon timerIt was an article on Abel and Haron’s Spanking Writers Blog that set this thought in motion. They had seen some 15 minute sermon timers made from antique industrial wooden cotton bobbins sat the Royal Observatory shop at Greenwich. I was intrigued as to the possibilities these may have in the disciplinary field but thought no more of until the other day.

Whilst wandering through our local shopping centre I spied them on sale in a local tobacconist and curio shop! I did not hesitate … 34.00 pounds later I was the proud possessor of the timer …. so now I had to decide how best to introduce it to my wife!

Well today as I turned my wife over my lap, turning up her skirt to reveal tight white panties, I turned over the sermon timer and proceeded to spank her bottom. Pacing myself I started steadily but then proceeded to redden every inch of her bottom so that after 10 minutes I removed her panties and finished the task in hand! As the last grains of sand ran through the timer I spanked her faster and faster until she (and I must say my hand) could take no more……… result!

I must now get the matching 5 and 10 minute timers so that I can set varied punishment and standing in the corner times …. and of course, we shall be filming such a scene in the near future!

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