Great schoolgirl spanking and caning films from Sound Punishment

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Abel and Haron’s Spanking Writers Blog … and the similarities with my life

Sometimes you come across a great spanking site produced by true aficionados of the spanking fetish scene. Abel and his young wife Haron appear to have the perfect relationship, he likes to spank and she needs to be spanked.

This is very much the relationship I have with my wife, she would much rather have a smack on her bottom to say that I love her rather than a peck on her cheek.

We have been married now for 4 years. We met in a fetish club in the Midlands, which was strange as neither of us lived in the Midlands! I was acting as a Dungeon Master for the club and she had traveled down from Scotland with friends to go to the club. Little did I know that she had seen me in ‘Headmaster’ mode at another club and had decided that she wanted a taste of what she had seen there ….. me soundly spanking a school uniform wearing lady friend on her bare bottom whilst he husband stood nearby and approved my actions!

Well, I soundly spanked my future wife for 10 minutes that night and won her squeal of approval.

Abel and Haron have a similar relationship and I enjoyed their site. You never know, we might even get to meet them one day ….

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